Côté Nature
Paris, FR

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Role: Lead Designer
Agency: Optimistic Future

Response to an RFP issued by Côté Nature for a corporate rebranding and strategic repositioning, spanning their central operations in Paris and their 14 garden centers and retail spaces across France. 

The proposed strategy connects to the consumer from a position of benevolence, encouraging one to enrich their daily life through the better integration of nature. Each person has their own unique côté nature, or natural side. The mission of the Côté Nature Brand is to inspire each of its patrons to discover their own natural side through an accessible retail experience offering quality products and uncompromising service. 


*Discover your natural side

*The best flavor comes from your garden. 

The new logo is derived from the simple image of sprouting leaves, conveying the beginning of something new, both for the brand and for the consumer.


Côté Nature recently acquired the brand Garden Price, another chain of garden centers, necessitating the creation of a complimentary sub-brand. The circumflex over the 'o' in the word 'côté nature' reflects the roofline of the garden center's large green houses. When used as a unifying visual element, Garden Price is effectively "brought under the same roof" as Côté Nature. 


In order to ascertain absolute clarity in creating a reassuring retail experience, the new approach to color focuses on consistency and simplicity. 

Lively, vivid, & natural: Côté Nature Green balances the organic and the inorganic. It exudes nature, while providing enough contrast to stand out in a 10,000 sq. ft green house filled with competing plants and flowers. 

Strong, solid & clean: Côté Nature Cool Black provides order, stability and a legible backdrop for displaying products and signage. 

Warm, floral & confident: Côté Nature Warm Red is intended for subtle demarcation of promotions and special events. 

Lively, vivid, & natural: exuding nature, while providing enough contrast to stand out in a 10,000 sq. ft green house filled with competing plants and flowers. 

Strong, solid & clean

Warm, floral & confident 

Using the Laws of Nature

The golden ratio is ubiquitous in nature, from the arrangement of petals on a flower to the elaborate architecture of a beehive. Maintaining the Brand's direct link to nature, this system of proportions in its varying forms provides an array of templates practical for laying out digital, spatial and print content. 

Artboard 1 copy 7-100
Artboard 1 copy-100

Clean, legible typography combined with a simple and uniform application of the Brand's colors create an inviting and easily navigable retail environment. 


Stay true to your natural side

Your natural side is waiting. 

The real gift is nature. 

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