Le Syndicat
Paris, FR

Menu Architecture 

Role: Lead Designer
Agency: Optimistic Future

Inspired by Le Syndicat's founding mission to bring French spirits to the forefront of fine drinking, 100% French ingredients were used in the design and production of the 2017 cocktail menu. The typography was designed by Lyon-based foundry 205TF, the risograph printing was carried out by Paris-based RisoPresto and the binding materials were sourced from several boutique shops across Paris. 

Featured on Fonts In Use: https://fontsinuse.com/uses/20149/le-syndicat


The layered design provides easy reference to the different sections of the menu, placing emphasis on the often overlooked aspects, such as the food offer. The vertical orientation keeps elbows to the side in a bar which is often crowded, while the bright background and monospaced typography maintains legibility in low-light.

The bar's ambience is best described as a fusion of luxury and underground, where gold appointments and marble surfaces mix with old-school hip-hop vibrations. Jurassic 5 lyrics printed in metallic gold make for a poetic conclusion on the final page.

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