Lo Fi Dance Theory
at White Wall Studios
New York/Montréal

Visual Identity
Graphic Design

In the fall of 2018, Lo Fi Dance Theory took residency at White Wall Studio in Montréal, QC, where it actively engages the public with its signature dance classes and collaborative workshops. I created both kinetic and static posters for the residency, utilizing the tribal visual language I had previously created for the LFDT brand. Spanning a triptych of alternating colors to reveal the host city’s “MTL” moniker, the letterforms gesturally fold and turn into each other, reflecting LFDT’s choreographic style.

The final poster triptych was honored by the Type Director's Club for typographic excellence and was featured in the TDC65 catalog. 


The final poster triptych as featured in the exhibition catalog for TDC65. 


Selected Works

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Lo Fi Dance TheoryVisual Identity

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